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28 February 2003

It's time once again for me to jangle my cup and beseech Blinkin' Blog readers for donations! Only this time I'm gonna do it smart and work my panhandling around a theme. See, I've figured out that people are pretty reluctant to pay for online content, but apparently they do respond to hard-luck stories: I read a magazine article a couple weeks ago about an unemployed single mother who set up a web site to solicit money so that she could afford to put her kittens through college or flight-attendant school or something.

At least, I think it was kittens; I was reading the story over someone's shoulder on the subway, it was late, and I was coming home from a night on the town. Anyway, the suckas, I mean big-hearted fellow citizens, actually responded to the lady's entreaties for help, and she ended up raking in a couple thousand bucks to defray her expenses.

Now, my needs are much more modest than that poor woman's -- I'm just trying to scrape together an extra $90 per month so that I can afford to continue my kung fu lessons. My parents paid the introductory fee and uniform costs as a birthday present back in November, and I thought then that I'd be making plenty from my freelancing to cover the monthly tuition. But things have gotten a little tighter than I expected, and it now looks as though I'll have to discontinue my twice-weekly kick 'n' punch sweatathon, because obviously, groceries and such get priority.

Unless, of course, I can get some donations from Blinkin' Blog readers -- so won't you dig deep into your pockets and help me transform my body into a sweet-and-sour killing machine? Your contribution, via PayPal or Amazon, will allow me to master the Five Animal Forms passed down by generations of Shaolin monks! I've gotta have a readership in the low dozens; if each of you coughed up just five bucks, that would keep Throbert up to speed in the deadly fighting arts for at least a couple months...

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26 February 2003

Well, they've apparently settled, at last, on a design for World Trade Center: Part Deux. Am I hallucinating, or is it totally ripped off from the crystalline Fortress of Solitude in Superman? The only thing missing is a gigantic floating hologram of Marlon Brando going ''My son...''

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Hey, active seniors -- need something to read on the can while you're waiting for the prune juice to kick in? Well, put down that copy of Modern Maturity and laser-print your way to laffs with the latest dose of copyright-infringing humor in the Max Shulman Memorial Cypherpunk Library. Okay, it's not so much a library as, erm, a coupla chapters that I've transcribed from a yellowing paperback copy of I Was A Teen-Age Dwarf, one of two Dobie Gillis volumes that Shulman published. When I get around to it, I may put up some excerpts from The Feather Merchants and Sleep Till Noon -- both fine showcases of Shulman's signature style, which blended a sort of affable, hey-pal masculinity with some Yiddish mama's boy schtick and plenty of cheesecake raciness. But for now, enjoy some nicely topical frog-baiting with Dobie in Long Live the France!

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25 February 2003

Brooklyn to Baghdad, come in Baghdad!

   zzzzzzzzzskweeeeeee ... wooowooowrawr ... eeeeeeeeeeee!
   sssshhhhhh... this is the BBCeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzziddit!...'aan al-kariim maktuub bi-l-lughah al `arabiyyah...
bzzzzttwweeeeee... ''There's a place in France, where the na-ked la-dies dance...''

Ah, here it is. I've recently become aware of this Iraqi guy blogging in English out of Baghdad under the name ''Salam Pax'' -- he is, I gather, from a fairly secularized Muslim family, is obviously well educated and has a job vaguely related to computers that allows him to access the Internet even in these unsure times. Plus, I have this suspicion, yet to be confirmed, that hot dogs make him lose control, if you know what I mean. Gay or not, he is a most worldly fellow, and he offers a perspective on the imminent Yankee invasion that you simply don't get from the Iraqi dissident leaders who've been popping up for interviews in the U.S. and U.K. -- he's anti-Saddam, but appropriately skeptical about America's half-assed Marshall Plan to install democracy once Saddam is in exile or pushing up daisies or whatever. And he appears to take no sides in the anticipated Sunni vs. Shia vs. Kurd ethnic squabbling that is sure to produce ulcers for U.S. military administrators over the next couple of years. Oh, and occasionally he digresses on topics like falafel and glazed tiles and such. So, bookmark Salam today, and send him your good vibrations.

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