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09 April 2002

So the other day I'm hanging up my roommate's laundered shirts in his closet, on account of me being such a total Edith, and what do I find in there but one of my own shirts, which must've been hanging in there since I moved out of this apartment circa late 1998. (I moved back last November, what with the economy being so troubled, but that's another story.)
Anyway, this is no ordinary shirt; it's a custom-made Bababadalgharaghtakammin-arronnkonnbronntonnerrontuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenen-thurnuk! shirt from my stint as an art-geek in high school. In case you're interested in making a Bababa...denenthurnuk! shirt of your very own, each of the 100 letters was carefully hand-rendered in acrylic fabric paints, with a Dover® Clip Art Book of typefaces providing inspiration when I ran out of font styles. Oh, yeah -- the alphabet-goulash itself is the first of numerous 100-letter words from Finnegans Wake; that this example appears on PAGE ONE of the novel provides a hint as to how deep my knowledge of James Joyce actually runs. And did my pseudo-intellectual efforts ever land me so much as a single date (which was the ultimate end of all my creative efforts at that age)? I'll leave that as a cliffhanger for my next post!

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