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28 June 2008

Throbert meets a Gitmo Special!

A commenter wrote to me:

Knock Knock! It's the Irish Twin Gitmo Special!

Why hello there, you special Irish twin from Gitmo, you! (I tried to post this as a comment on your mackers-world blog, but apparently I need to be an approved member, first.)

Anyway, your Bollywood music vid with the wacky English subtitles reminded me of another YouTube clip... let's see if I can find it... ah, here 'tis:

The Arabic song ''Beloved Land'', rudely subtitled in Russian

I don't speak Arabic, but I've been informed by Israeli web-friends that the children are singing in Arabic for Israeli TV, and that the word heard over and over in the chorus is biladi, which means "the land," only with affectionate, patriotic connotations. So you could translate biladi as "this land of my fathers that I love," or somesuch.

Alas, by unfortunate coincidence, biladi happens to sound a lot like the Russian obscenity бляди, which means approximately "filthy fucking whores." (Literally, it just means "whores," but the "filthy fucking" part is implied -- because unlike the English word "whore," the Russian blyad is a cuss word.)

So, as you might guess, the Russian subtitles take that phonetic co-inky-dink and run with it!

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24 June 2008

Testing, testing...

Since I haven't published anything here in ages, I'm just gonna re-post a comment I made a few minutes ago on LGF logo...

re: #323 Occasional Reader
Not necessarily lying. I know people who claim to be "atheists", but then will say "of course, I believe in some sort of greater power, etc.". I think they're just unclear on the definition, basically.
Not necessarily a lie OR unclearness on the definition -- it could be that they're just going by a different definition than you are. The main thing to keep in mind is that "atheism" doesn't refer to a clearly specifiable set of doctrines, like "Hassidic Judaism" or "Mormonism." It's a broad, umbrella term just like "theism" is, and like "theism" it can apply to a pretty diverse bunch of worldviews. Anyway, when some people say "I'm an atheist but I believe in some sort of higher power," it's possible that what they really mean is something along these lines:
I was raised Catholic, but I now totally deny the existence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, because I think that a 3-in-1 Deity makes as much sense as invisible pink unicorns. I looked into Judaism, but I honestly doubt that there's a G-d as depicted in the Torah, either. However, I am still optimistic that the universe is overseen by a Benevolent, Eternal Intelligence -- a "God" of the kind that Deists like Thomas Jefferson sorta/kinda believed in.
Of course, there is the alternative possibility that the self-described "atheist who believes in God" has just taken some massive bong hits. One way to be sure is to get a bunch of your favorite snack crackers (I recommend Triscuits), top them with a mix of chocolate cake frosting and dry cat food, and offer some to the apparently confused god-believing atheist. If he gobbles them up and wants seconds? Diagnosis: Stoned out of his gourd! But if not, he probably just has a really nuanced take on where to draw the lines among atheism, agnosticism, Spinoza-style pantheism, Deism, etc.

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