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12 February 2004


After a hiatus of almost a year, Throbert McGee's Blinkin' Blog roars to life again! I'd left it idling because I wanted to devote my energies to the development of another blog, but since that one has now built a stable following, I thought I could finally split my time between the two sites and keep both of them running.

My other blog, Brooklyn Jack, is a porn erotica j/o-fodder site with two missions: (1) to present a model of an upbeat, confident, masculine man who loves men -- a model I felt I was missing in my younger days -- and (2) to promote mutual masturbation and related activities as a safe and satisfying form of erotic bonding between adult males, whether they self-identify as gay, bi, or ''straight, but..."

Brooklyn Jack is, as I said, X-rated, for which reason I won't be doing a whole lot of cross-promotion between the two blogs. Throbert McGee's Blinkin' Blog will continue to be what it was before -- a site for essays on world politics, religion, philosophy, contemporary culture, and of course the joys and trials of raising an adopted child with 57 chromosomes and serrated talons.

I also plan to add, as a new feature, the photo-adventures of my rat, Rugby. Rats are really, really cool, and Rugby will get his own G-rated sub-blog that doesn't link back to the PG-13 and R prose that is sometimes featured here, so that my friends who are parents can safely share Rugby's stories with their kids.

I expect to be working on that this weekend, as Rugby and I are hanging out in a hotel room somewhere in New Jersey, waiting for my new boyfriend to return from his fraternity conference.

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