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29 June 2010

Christian Legal Society v. Martinez

Reposting something I wrote today at Volokh Conspiracy, in response to a question about whether a hypothetical bad-outcome had ever actually happened:

could the Muslim students also bring a claim against the university as a contributing party because the elimination of one or more unpopular student groups through this very tactic was a very-likely and easily forseen outcome of the “take all applications” policy the university chose to establish? Why is it a “very-likely and easily foreseen outcome”?
Is there a significant history of this sort of thing? If there were, I’m sure someone would have brought it to the Court’s attention and Justice Alito would have highlighted it.

Maybe not YET, but I’m really fuckin’ hoping that come September, Evangelical Christian college students will be lined up along with Orthodox Jewish and Muslim students to join the “LGBTQetc. Student Union” at schools across the nation, and insisting on their right to be voting members and potential officers.

And it would be super-sweet to see a newly and duly elected president of the Podunk University Queer Consortium submit an op-ed to one of the campus newspapers under the headline Why Gay “Marriage” Is Not a Right.

Come to think of it, you don’t even need to be religious, or anti-gay at all — everybody who believes strongly enough in freedom of association should merely pretend to endorse anti-gay viewpoints, while simultaneously insisting on their right to be a fully enfranchised member of the Podunk University Queer Consortium.

Maybe THAT'S what it'll take to make people understand why this was such a ridiculous decision.

P.S. I’m a 38-year-old man who doesn’t believe in God, but who DOES believe with fundamentalist conviction that another man’s erection tastes even better than a mouthful of Jelly-Bellies™! And if I were a college student, and had gone to the considerable trouble of organizing a student group for other homos, based on the founding principle that homosexual lovemaking can be dignified and life-affirming and joyous, I sure as hell wouldn’t want my organization invaded by a bunch of Bible-misreading nincompoops pushing the self-evidently ridiculous theory that M2M or F2F bonking is intrinsically degrading, emotionally sterile, second-rate, and upsetting to God. Just as THEY wouldn't want their Jesus Club to be overrun by people like me, because I'd insist on spouting the un-Biblical notion that homosex can be sweet, gentle, loving, and spiritually healthy (as long as you do it the right way -- which, granted, many faggoty fags don't).

In short, I would happily say to the president of the Christian Legal Society at Hastings College:

Freedom of Association works for thee, AND for me!

P.S. Go Christians! Go Christians! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday!

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