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26 February 2003

Hey, active seniors -- need something to read on the can while you're waiting for the prune juice to kick in? Well, put down that copy of Modern Maturity and laser-print your way to laffs with the latest dose of copyright-infringing humor in the Max Shulman Memorial Cypherpunk Library. Okay, it's not so much a library as, erm, a coupla chapters that I've transcribed from a yellowing paperback copy of I Was A Teen-Age Dwarf, one of two Dobie Gillis volumes that Shulman published. When I get around to it, I may put up some excerpts from The Feather Merchants and Sleep Till Noon -- both fine showcases of Shulman's signature style, which blended a sort of affable, hey-pal masculinity with some Yiddish mama's boy schtick and plenty of cheesecake raciness. But for now, enjoy some nicely topical frog-baiting with Dobie in Long Live the France!

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