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01 February 2005

Gay movies I like

Re-posted from the comments section of GayPatriot:

I generally shy away from movies that are aimed "at us," as they tend to make me feel like I'm at a mandatory-attendance pep rally in high school. Hooray! It's good to be gay because gay men are stylish and witty and fashionable!

My feeling is: No, it's good to be gay because men are sexy and lovable, and dicks are delicious. All that stuff about creativity and wit and fashion sense is secondary, and often untrue -- or at least, not true of gay men any more than straight men. A lot of gay men are NOT very witty or creative or well-read or good with colors, but often they have other great qualities, and it irks me no end when "gay positive" movies aspire to nothing more stroking the vanity of a narrow urban subset of gays.

Okay, with that rant out of the way, some gay-themed movies that I like:

Yossi & Jagger, about the love affair between a young Israeli soldier and his slightly older sergeant, is incredibly powerful. If the ending doesn't make straight conservatives understand what a dehumanizing obscenity the closet is, I don't know what can. Plus, you've got gay guys as soldiers. And those hot Jewish men made my shaygetz sausage sizzle!

Bedrooms and Hallways is a fun British dramedy about a frumpy gay man who goes to this New Age men's encounter group, where he develops a crush on a hunky butch straight guy, who turns out to be not completely straight. Will gay man make a match with hunky butch bi guy, or will hunky butch bi guy find another hunky butch bi guy and fly off into the sunset? (Hint: Who were the most contented and happy homos by the end of Boys in the Band? Hank and Larry, the butch couple.)

No one has mentioned Urbania, which has the love between two gay men at its center, though I can't say much more without spoiling it.

Personally, I would be thrilled to see Hollywood do the Gilgamesh epic, which presents a male/male couple who are brawny warriors and tender lovers. But I'm not holding my breath.

Finally, I have to mention that I found Heavenly Creatures to be an incredibly affecting portrayal of adolescent same-sex love, despite the fact that the lovers turn out to be murderers. I want a ♪♫♭ Donkey Serenade ♪♫♭ montage in my next relationship, dammit!

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Hey, Rob - it's me, Frank.

Just testing your new system...

Anyway, my favorite gay movies are, not necessarily in order:

-Our Lady of the Assassins (La Virgen de los Sicarios)

-My Beautiful Laundrette

-The Wedding Banquet
Dang, I can't believe I forgot The Wedding Banquet, which kicks ass! I'm embarrassed to admit that I still haven't gotten around to seeing My Beautiful Laundrette. (Incidentally, have you heard of East Is East, which also deals with culture clashes between Western-assimilated children and a traditionalist parent -- in this case a Pakistani Muslim married to a fairly secular working-class English woman, and their half-dozen kids, who mostly identify as Brit, not Paki.)
My favorite gay movie is (as everyone who knows me knows) Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train
And why are you, DavidEhrenstein, posting on this reich-wing shitbag's blog? Years after he's apparently abandoned it, hopefully he's dropped dead.
We like The Hunger with Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve'...think that's how you spell it, and David Bowie. Love them Lesbian vampire movies! Hot!
Rob came across your blog while trying to Google variations of "did the good Samaritan story pre-date Jesus?". A rabbi told me years ago what you once read--that "the basic model of the Good Samaritan story predates Jesus in the rabbinical tradition...." He said that Pharisees probably taught it to their brethren as a lesson being a mensch. As the Samaritan does in the story so you should treat (even) a Samaritan. I'm wondering if you've nailed this down anywhere. Have you found a citation? Is it in the Talmud?

McKinleyville, CA
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