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02 January 2005


No, not church, you scandalous heathen!

I'm referring to this here Superhero Generator, with which I've spent the past hour and a half creating my own fantasy alter ego:

Captain Frot and Rugby

Captain Frot travels the galaxy promoting safe male/male love-makin', and when necessary, gently correcting both clueless homophobes and whiny gays with his bionic foot, high-voltage fingers, and trusty Baretta. (At least, I'm guessing that's a Baretta. The truth is I don't know a Baretta from a barrette.) Sidekick Rugby the Rat provides backup with his savage teeth and amazing Urine Powers.

P.S. I should mention that if you want to make your own Superhero at the link above, the only way to save it is by doing a screen capture. On a Windows computer, you do this by hitting the PRINT SCREEN button that's just to the right of the F12 key -- that copies whatever's displaying on your monitor as an image on the Clipboard. Then go into a graphics editing program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and click "Paste" or type Ctrl+V to open the saved clipboard image into the image program.

Oh, yeah -- if you're feeling girly, try this Make-Your-Own Barbie™ link. I linked to it a couple years ago, but it seems they've updated the interface since I designed this dollie for my pretend boyfriend of the time, Scott Bakula:

Oh, yeah, and while I was digging around in my archives for that Barbie picture, I found this, which is suddenly topical again since the publication date for Harry Potter #6 has just been announced. (I'm not telling -- Google it up, lazy-ass.)

UPDATE: Actually, stupid Mattel hasn't changed the Make-a-Barbie interface in the past two years -- STILL NO WEAPONS OPTION, dammit. How is a sister supposed to take care of herself in these crazy times without some basic firearms, pplz??!

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