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29 November 2004


Fans of the online "graphic novellas" Apocemon and The Spiders will be disappointed to learn that is off the air for the time being.

But much more disappointing, for me, is the current entry from the Live Journal blog of creator Patrick Farley:

We Americans just don't seem to get it. We're remote-control murderers. Our answer to the horror of 9/11 was to inflict ten times as much horror on the civilians of Iraq.

The "remote-control murderers" comment is Mighty Funny if you're familiar with the plot-gimmick of The Spiders.

Mighty Funnier is that Farley is nonetheless at work on a fourth installment, despite his depression at discovering that he's a remote-control murderer. (Surely no one would be rude enough to suggest that when he writes "we Americans," Farley doesn't literally mean "the other 280 million Americans and I.")

What a Buttfuck. Now I'm happy that I never bought the Apocemon T-shirt or coffee mug when I had the chance. (Still, this will always crack me up.)

UPDATE: Come to think of it, part 3 of the The Spiders had already provided a revealing insight into the direction and profundity of Farley's political thinking. The first two installments feature mujahideen getting their heads blown off in attacks that are coordinated and sometimes executed by remote control. (The "spiders" of the title are satellite-linked, multi-legged spybots about the size of tarantulas.)

But in part 3, the Secret New Anti-Jihad Weapon is a gaseous "super XTC" -- an airborne, empathogenic drug that not only turns the terrorists into kissy-huggy Rave Kids, but causes men to start lactating. You go, girls!

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