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28 October 2004

NeWs!!! LUnar eclispe & Arafat on last legs?!?!

!!!!بيج اماه دين
help help!!! the jewi ZOINIST sky-dragon is eatign up the MOON??!!?
Quick everybody!!! let's bagn some drums & shoot our rifles into the air to inshallah scare it away!!!
allahu akbar, fabulous idea, Raheem!!! only make sure to aim more or less vretically so that inshallah the bullets dont kill anyone by acci

Rugby! Go back to your own blog, varmint!

as-salaamu alaikum, i am Rugby and in real life i am a NICE RAT, not a Palistupidian terrorist! byee!!

Okay, now that we've established that, here's an UPDATE: The eclipse has come and gone with no dire effects, but we're still waiting to find out whether Arafat is still stinking up this plane of existence. It now seems that -- to quote Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail -- he's "not quite dead," and possibly is even "feeling happy."

But, in the words of the hyperactive seven-year-old Dot from MAD TV, "with Jesus and black magic on our side, we can't fail!" So I recommend working up some anti-Arafat hoodoo with this little chant, adapted from an ancient Catholic prayer that was immortalized for modern audiences by Monty Python:

píe Iésu dómine...
dóna éo dólorem...

Which means "Gracious Lord Jesus, give him pain." The original prayer -- performed verbatim by Monty Python's head-bonking monks -- had dona eis requiem, "give them rest," but that's obviously not quite the sentiment we want for Mr. Arafish, may he soon be belly-up...

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