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19 October 2004

Getting back to the blog habit

Looking around this place, you'd think I'd been in a coma since March.

But that's not the case; I've just been writing in other forums and FORGETTING TO POST COPIES here on the blog.

I've written a lot of good stuff in the comments section of Little Green Footballs, for example -- stuff that is now almost impossible for me to find in the archives because I can't remember the thread it was in, nor can I recall the right keywords to search on.

So, I've resolved to be more methodical about archiving my good stuff here on the blog, even if it was originally written for another forum. (On a sub-conscious level, I feel like I'm cheating my readers if I do that -- I just need to keep reminding myself that most of the people who happen upon this site have not previously read the same material elsewhere.)

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