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05 March 2003

I was listening to an mp3 earlier -- Cole Porter's ''Let's Misbehave,'' apparently as performed by Patti ''Reno Sweeney'' LuPone and one of her co-stars from the '80s Broadway revival of Anything Goes. The thing is, though, that I have the show's soundtrack on CD, and ''Let's Misbehave'' isn't among the numbers. I'm guessing this track is either from a concept album that came before the stage debut of the Broadway revival and was cut at the last minute (I can't see why, though), or else it was a song that was added to the stage version after the cast album had been released. In any case, here are the lyrics, with one or two minor modifications that I've made so that it's more New Millennium:

     We're all alone
     No chaperone
     Can get our number
     The world's in slumber
     Let's misbehave!

     I feel quite sure
     L'affaire d'amour
     Would be attractive
     While we're still active
     Let's misbehave!

     If you would dim the light
     And spend a night with me, guy,
     'Twould be the great event
     Of Twenty-Zero-Three, guy!

     They say that bears
     Have love affairs
     And so do camels
     We're merely mammals
     Let's misbehave!

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