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18 February 2003

This snowstorm caught me without a good-quality digital camera at hand. I briefly considered hauling out my old 35mm SLR and loading it with black-and-white film to get some dramatic chiaroscuro shots of Grand Army Plaza, but that... would've involved schlepping to Grand Army Plaza, and I'm not in the mood for long-haul schleps at present.

However, we do have two DV camcorders in the household, and between us, Juan and I managed to get some serviceable shots for posterity. Like this view of Manhattan from our rooftop. Well, under normal weather conditions, you'd see The City just beyond that big Lego monstrosity.

And here is Fifth Avenue as it looked early Monday afternoon, as I slogged step by painful step towards the Korean liquor store between 14th and 15th to pick up a tipple for later in the evening.

''It'll nearly be like a picture print
By Currier and Ives
These wonderful things are the things
We remember all through our lives!''

Er, the view up 12th Street was, indeed, nearly like a Currier and Ives picture-print, if you ignore the SUVs.

Finally, here's Poochy, doing his business -- this was the first walk of the day, when long stretches of sidewalk had yet to be shoveled, and I got some pretty good footage of him doing that weird undulating springbok-type leap that dogs use to forge through deep snow. About half a block after this shot, though, Poochy's core temperature apparently dropped below some critical level, and he goes into a pathos-inducing huddle, shivering and mewling and generally carrying on as though he's about two seconds away from becoming a Grim Statistic. So naturally I scoop him up, shove him into my parka, and zip it up so that only his head is sticking out of the collar, and the two of us continued home looking like the world's stupidest concept for a sci-fi B movie.

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