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22 February 2003

I don't know why it's been so hard to return to the habit of writing regularly, but I'm gonna try to get the Blinkin' Blog back into fighting shape again. Let's warm up with a little Jazzercize over in the Diskoteka, shall we?

This week's selection is an incredibly peppy Greek folk number called ''Yerakina,'' here performed by bespectacled easy-listening siren Nana Mouskouri. The song's bouncy ''droom droom'' refrain is meant to echo the thunderously noisy bracelets worn by the song's eponymous heroine, the aforementioned Yerakina, who goes and pulls a Baby Jessica whilst attempting to draw water from a well. Judging from the upbeat tempo, I presume that they manage to haul her ass to safety by the song's finish. Or, possibly, she ends up drowning, but the singer/narrator is understood to be some sort of C.H.U.D.-like ghoul who enjoys drinking cadaver-flavored water, and hence, naturally reacts to Yerakina's demise with lots of joyous dancing and droom-droom-ing. (I don't know Greek, and I'm not really up to speed on Hellenic folk traditions.) But it's a real toe-tapper, in any case.

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