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09 October 2002

Okay, it's time to test out that six degrees of separation jive. There's a bare spot on the wall in my bedroom, and I'd like to fill it with a framed and matted 8x10 glossy of The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, signed in black indelible ink by the man himself:

''To Throbert Jr. (or Throbertina Jr.) with love, XOXOXO, Jon."

Now, I could probably obtain such a photo by writing to Comedy Central and requesting one, but I'd much rather that Jon got the request directly by reading my Blog. Not that I think he'd be so impressed by my comic style that he'd help me get a job there or anything -- though I think I could be an asset to them, for what it's worth. It's just that he's tickled my funnybone something fierce over the years, and I want to give something back to him. It would mean a lot if the adventures of Throbert Jr. (or Throbertina Jr.) provoked a spontaneous chuckle from a professional funnyman like Stewart.

So -- if you know someone who knows someone who works for Comedy Central or Viacom, or if you know someone who knows someone who plays raquetball with Jon Stewart's personal assistant, be a pal and pass along the permalink URL for this post (click the time stamp below to get it). Meanwhile, I'll be brainstorming other ways to trick the man into reading my material; we'll just see what happens.

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