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16 October 2002

New in the Diskoteka (right) is a little ditty called Tequila. Nope, it's almost certainly not the version you're thinking of. No, not that version either.

This ''Tequila'' is by some group called A.L.T. & The Lost Civilization; you may've heard it in the early '90s, but it seems to have fallen off the radar screens since then. The wordplay-heavy lyrics riff on the names of dozens of ethanol-based libations, from Old English Malt Liquor to Jim Beam to sorority faves like Sex on the Beach (but not my personal invention, the extremely tasty and buzz-inducing Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized By Her Own Chastity). Anyhow, here's a sample:

In walks Margarita and her friend, Shirley Temple
I asked my friend 'bout Margarita
He said that Shirley was a virgin
And I wouldn't wanna meet 'er
So I talked to Margarita, 'cause yo, she was fly-er
Went to the beach 'cause I wanna screw-drive her...

You get the idea. Give it a listen and be sure to check out the previous selection, Israelism, which will also cause your booty to shake as though vibrated by some perplexing ethereal force.

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