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01 October 2002

Freakazoid robots, report to the dance floor!

As a public service to readers with broadband connections, I've added a new section to the right-hand sidebar: Diskoteka, where I'll occasionally link to MP3 files of note. The focus will be on... exotica. Obscurities from abroad. Mostly-forgotten '50s MOR ephemera. Stuff that my parents used to have on vinyl but that took me hours of searching on file-sharing networks to track down. This week's selection is Ugly Girl, a strange but singularly infectious bubblegum rap number. Oh yeah, and it's mostly in Mandarin Chinese (click here for instant computomatic translation of lyrics), apart from a brief and unforgettable English chorus. Should you wish to sample a few seconds before downloading the 3.1MB file, treat yourself to this Japanimation-style Flash video. (Or is that Han-imation? What with it being, uh, Chinese and all, and the Han being, to the People's Republic, kinda what Russians were to the multi-ethnic USSR. You know, I can't think of a single clever thing to say about this song; you'll just have to experience it for yourselves.)

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