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16 October 2002

Exciting news for all you mackerelsnappers out there!!!

VATICAN CITY -- Pope John Paul II has marked the 24th anniversary of his papacy by introducing changes to the Rosary, the prayers said using sets of beads.
Traditionally, Catholics are supposed to contemplate three periods, or mysteries [No, each period is subdivided into five mysteries -- Ed.], of Christ's life as they recite the prayers: the joyous mysteries of his birth, the sorrowful mysteries of his crucifixion, and the glorious mysteries of his resurrection.

On Wednesday, John Paul proposed adding another set of mysteries: the "mysteries of light," which highlight five different periods of Christ's life.

Hmmm. Four sets of mysteries to reflect on not only means it'll take 33% longer to say a complete rosary, but the number of periods won't match up with the number of Persons in the Trin--

Hey... no... wait a sec!

Man, if I'm reading this right, it looks like a certain Virgin is due for a promotion from Co-Redemptrix of the Universe to Junior Partner in a newly-expanded ''Holy Quadrinity''...

Congrats on finally breaking through the glass ceiling, Mary!

Update: My email correspondent Jason H. objects that it's kinda sleazy for a woman to get ahead by sleeping with the boss, and I suppose he has a point.

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