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24 September 2002

New Yorkers like to brag that you can get just about any meal you might want delivered to your door in this city, and it's true -- the kitchens in many NYC studio apartments have less open space than your typical bathyscaphe, creating a huge market of people who rarely feel like cooking. While pizza and Chinese delivery are standard in any city, here in New York you can drop into most restaurants, from Thai to BBQ Rib joints to greasy-spoon diners, and pick up a delivery menu for future dining-in options.

But a KFC employee in California recently took the home-delivery concept to an innovative level previously undreamt even in the Big Apple, substituting two baggies of pot for the extra biscuits that a phone-in customer had requested with his meal. Sadly, what sounds like an ingenious way to drum up repeat business 30-45 minutes later ("Dude, I'd... eh-heh-heh... oh man. Eh-heh-heh-heh. Lemme get fifteen orders of popcorn chicken for delivery. Eh-heh-heh-heh. What?") instead turned into an arrest for narco-entrepreneur Carlos Ayala -- when the customer inexplicably traded in the free weed for the side of biscuits originally ordered, and then called the cops.

(Thanks to my pal Terry C. for the link!)

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