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27 September 2002

Hello, loyal patrons of the Blinkin' Blog! I've got errands to run this afternoon before the weekend, so no major updates today. Instead, treat yourself to a small sample of comic genius from humorist Max Shulman. Those of you old enough to remember The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis either in its original TV run or (like me) from its Nick at Nite rebroadcasts may recognize Shulman's name. If you've never heard of him -- and, sadly, most of his books are long out of print -- you're in for some fun. The man wrote in an irresistible wiseguy tone, full of mid-century slang, absurd overlapping dialogue, and hilarious observations about the consuming power of the masculine sexual urge, though in terms that are G-rated by today's standards. See Dobie's remarks on the hypnotic properties of girls' bosoms, for example. (While I favor a solid set of hairy pecs over big round boobies, I have no trouble whatever relating to Dobie's frustration...)

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