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21 September 2002

Dagnabbit! As I've been overhauling my Blog template and updating links to other sites, I omitted a very important one: Here Is New York, a companion website to the downtown gallery that houses thousands of photos relating to 9/11 and its aftermath. As the exhibition itself has been exhaustively publicized, I don't imagine that the website's existence will come as news to any readers here -- but I wanted to put in a plug on behalf of my roommate, Juan, who's been a lead programmer for the site from its inception, when he was an unpaid volunteer.

Oh, yeah -- despite having thousands of dollars worth of digital cameras pass through my sweaty fingers each month in my work as a freelance writer, I never managed to get a photo accepted for display in the Here Is New York Gallery. However, I did snap a few good shots of the WTC Light Memorial as it appeared from my rooftop in Brooklyn, some five or six miles away.

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