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18 September 2002

Alert! Bring a paperback the next time you go in to have those opalescent Old Glory nail extensions replaced, ladies, because reading selections at the salon are soon to become a little skimpier. Yes, it's a black armband day for the grrrl-rag branch of publishing, as Rosie O'Donnell has announced the folding of her eponymous monthly mag.

This news hits me especially hard because of Rosie's unflagging self-promotion in an area of deep personal concern to me, namely gay parenting. Returning readers to my blog have probably wondered what's been going on with my adopted foundling child, Throbert Jr. (or Throbertina Jr.). Be assured that he (or she) is in robust health, as always, and that the territorial issues between the baby and my dog, Poochy, are mooted now that I've completed construction of an enclosed toddler play area in my bedroom closet. (Did you know that razor wire is available for free at many car-impound lots in New York City?) A little foam batting, some Blue's Clues bed linens, a staple gun, and presto -- a totally enchanting childsafe space for those times when I'm not around to supervise. Why so many gay men recoil at the parenting idea, I'll never know...

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