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28 May 2002

I haven't quite worked out a mission statement for my blog relaunch, but word on the street is that conservo-libertarian "warblogs" like Little Green Footballs and NRO's The Corner are getting just tons of hits. So I'm definitely hoping to drive my traffic up, up, and UP and eventually turn this into a must-visit site for Blogosphere denizens by adding a generous helping of warblog sensibility, though perhaps without the obsessive focus on U.S. anti-terror foreign policy, the Palestine/Israel conflict, and the prospects of a 9/11 encore, because who wants to read about war all the time? It's depressing!!!

But hey, here's something related to the Middle East: a political cartoon from a state-run Saudi newspaper. If you're reading this in a Unix text-only shell with Lynx, the cartoon depicts a man with a grotesquely deformed head brandishing his shoe at the television set, apparently in the belief that a teeny-tiny Ariel Sharon lives inside. I'm pretty sure I once saw an Archie Comic where Big Moose did exactly the same thing.

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