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24 February 2002

Damn, I've gotten lax about updating this thing -- largely because I got caught up in creating ever tackier and bulkier animated GIFs to decorate the page. I'm happy with the new angel logo, however, and there are already way too many graphics on the page, so I've resolved to focus on the writing again. Incidentally, the animated angel was self-plagiarized from a pop-up greeting card that I made for the wedding of this girl I'd had a crush on in high school. (Not only did she have breasts and everything, but she was a crazy-ass fundamentalist Christian who spoke in tongues and believed that fags -- her term -- made God puke, which just goes to show you how dumb I used to be.) Anyway, the card was a modified Hallmark thing with goopy poetry on the outside; inside I added a pop-up wedding scene composed from photocopied Albrecht Dürer engravings (including his famous "Rhinocerus," but in a blond wig), and in the background, a pulltab-actuated flapping angel (from "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse") destroying a town with his deadly Laser Fingers.

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